About Us

My name is Gina Stempler, (a/k/a Gina “Bardot”), owner and founder of BraMobile. For nearly 10 years I was co-owner and operator of an upscale lingerie boutique where I gained a good deal of experience and knowledge about the industry.

Eventually, due to circumstances beyond our control, we reluctantly closed our doors. In time I began hearing from former customers who wanted to enlist my help in finding new bras on line. They had had no success in finding what they were searching for at department stores where sizing is limited and qualified help is scarce. Even local lingerie shops had minimal selection, and in fact many had changed their focus and/or expanded into selling everything from active wear to accessories! Shopping on-line was just an overwhelming task for them. On-line chats proved nearly useless too. I completely understood their frustrations having had experienced the same issues first-hand even with my own vast knowledge of lingerie! I wondered how the average person could possibly manage to get it right? That’s when the hassle-free concept of BraMobile was born!